Sevilla private tour | Sevilla a pie

Sevilla Private Tour

Why is this the perfect tour that you can choose? Because you can decide the date, number of people, the …

 Duration: 2 hours.

Since 150 €


Best of Seville tour: Alcázar and Cathedral

Welcome to the completed tour of Seville! The guide will be waiting for you at our Sevilla a Pie office, …

 Duration: 3 hours.

Since 49 €


Complete visit from Seville to Cordoba

On this visit you will tour the historic center of Córdoba and you will learn from expert guides the impressive …

 Duration: 12 hours.

Since 93 €

Mezquita - Catedral

Visit the Mosque of Cordoba from Seville

Are you in Seville and want to travel to Córdoba to see its famous Mosque? We take care of your …

 Duration: 7.3 hours.

Since 68 €

santa cruz

Guided tour of the old Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz

Welcome to the guided tour of the old Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz, the tourist area par excellence of the …

 Duration: 2 hours.

Since 15 €

Alcazar inside

Royal Alcázar of Seville

This great monument began to be built in 913, serving during various stages as a residence for kings and monarchs. …

 Duration: 1.2 hours.

Since 31 €

cathedral seville

Cathedral of Seville

Did you know that the Cathedral of Seville is the Christian Gothic cathedral with the largest area in the world? …

 Duration: 1.2 hours.

Since 29 €

Show Flamenco en Sevilla - Sevilla a pie

Show Flamenco

Do not miss a fabulous flamenco show in one of the cradles of this Andalusian tradition, essential to get to …

 Duration: 1 hours.

Since 25 €